Thursday, October 18, 2012

You are 3!

Sweet daughter, you turned 3 years old today!  You are spunky, feisty, loving, caring, sensitive and probably the most out-going and talkative three year old I have ever known.  You have long conversations with anyone that might make eye contact.  What do you talk to them about?  Mainly asking them their favorite color, their mom and dad's name, what they will be for Halloween and then back to their fav colors (sometimes you ask their favorite number).  You captivate EVERYONE that you meet.  They can't believe you are only 3.

And well, we can't believe you have only been in our lives for three years.

You are a game changer, little one.  

We are deep in parent-mode, striving always to provide you with the things you need.  Things to help you grow, learn, develop.  Things to make you the best YOU.  This parent job isn't easy and some days are tough (remember that spunky word I used earlier?  You definitely have the sass) but know this....we wouldn't trade this time for all the money and time in the world.

You have your dad's smarts, your mom's love of dance and well, let's face amazing sense of humor.  You woke this morning to balloons, "A" and "3" shaped pancakes, and an afternoon train ride to downtown for your first banana split.  The entire staff sang you Happy Birthday, because YOU are one captivating little being.

I tell you all the time, I love you "to the moon and back".  Well, maybe if you go back and a couple thousand might just get close.


I hope your day was all you wanted it to be.  We love you, sweet girl.

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