Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Nursery in progress

Here is an example of "pregnancy brain" at its best. I go to Home Depot with my fabrics to pick out a paint color for the nursery. I found one that is perfect! I thought the name sounded familiar but didn't know why. So we get home, paint the nursery, it is perfect! Then John says as we lay in bed one night, "you know, the paint color in the nursery looks really similar to our bedroom". I was like, "no...couldn't be". OH, but sure enough, I found the paint can for the bedroom and it is the same..Coastal Beige. Sigh. At least I know I like the color!! The rooms do look completely different due to the beadboard in the nursery...but still, seriously???

Here are the fabrics I am using for the bumper and bedskirt. The tulle will be layered with the pink on top for the bedskirt. And the bumper will have the toile on the inside and the tan on the outside.

Here is the entrance to the nursery...all we have in there is the dresser!

Dresser...the drawers are still downstairs getting cleaned out. LOVE this antique piece in here!

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