Wednesday, September 9, 2009

33 weeks....really?

So this baby time seems to be going by pretty quickly...especially when I realized I haven't posted in awhile. We are going to the doctor every 2 weeks now for the next two visits, then every week. Everything is measuring normal and heartbeat still strong as ever! We discussed the fact she could be a big baby....and how we can prevent a 10lb delivery..haha. Pretty much we are at a wait and see until 36 weeks where they will do a u/s to estimate weight.

I am getting more and more uncomfortable and John would definitely say my patience is growing a little thin sometimes. I think last night I actually told the guy in the redbox line "Take your time, there's no one else waiting!!", which he then promptly got back in his car without a movie. Whoops.

I am in full blown nesting mode. Constantly organizing, redecorating and cleaning. Another thing that is driving John crazy..:)

Posting pictures in just a bit of the nursery and the big ol' belly.

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