Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fulfilling a need

Spending every summer on Keuka Lake in upstate New York has created in me this inner need that must be fulfilled every year.  Lake time.  I need to smell the water, hear the grumbling of boat engines, ducks quacking and the sound of the waves hitting the pylons as boats pass by.  Sadly, this year, we won't be making that trek up to Keuka, so we have found a slight alternative that just might get me through the year.  Blackjack Cove on Old Hickory Lake.

This was our second visit and have pretty much decided that if I should go missing this will find me here. Boat drinks, fried catfish, bands playing and good friends...yep, basically I am set for the summer.  We took Anna to Keuka Lake last year and I imagine she doesn't quite remember it, so her lake love will be instilled starting this year and will be (hopefully) solidified next year at Keuka.

Seriously.  Cutest kid ever.

John's parents are in town for the Easter weekend, so we called up our "brunch crew" and all made a night of it.

The men-folk solving all the worlds problems.

Mom!  I want to eat!

Anna fell in love with the ducks and we even got to see a couple fish...her new obsession.  Don't even mention Nemo...

The ladies gabbing about jobs, babies, pregnancy and life in general.  Oh...and just how great the evening was.

Anna getting to spend some great time with her Grandma and Poppa.  All was well in her world.  And my lake need was slightly fulfilled and left me yearning for our next visit to Black Jack Cove...and even more for next summer's adventures at Keuka.

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  1. Isn't it so fun finding local treasures? Outdoor waterfront dining is my favorite! Makes ya kind of feel like you're on a mini vacation. Love the shot of Anna laughing - look at all those teeth! Such a cutie.