Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's a New Year.

I've found that I've not been the best with the blog lately but one thing I don't miss is my New Year's post.  You can see 2012's HERE and 2013's HERE.

I am really excited about this year.  But first, before I talk about how awesome 2014 will be, I must sum up our 2013.

First and foremost, WE ARE DEBT FREE!!!!!!  (imagine a Dave Ramsey type scream here).  We paid off and cut up credit cards years ago, don't have car payments so all that was left was that darn Sallie Mae.  John paid his off in the beginning of the year and we called on Dec 31 and paid off the remaining balance on my student loans...I totally cried.  The customer service rep was super awesome and was quite excited for us as well.  What a GREAT way to start the new year!

I would claim 2013 the year of RUNNING!  Running a 5k, 2 10k's and a half marathon!  It is such a great feeling of accomplishment and can't wait to see what races we run next!

Graham:  Our self proclaimed little pirate.  He has grown leaps and bounds over this year.  Finally talking and bringing the cuteness (and feistiness) with it.  He still loves to give big hugs, especially to the dogs.  Started the year in a crib and he ended the year in a big boy bed and underwear!
Notable phrases of the year: "It's not fair mommy, Hmm (with pursed lips)" and "it's good fair, Mommy!!".
Fav book:  Spooky Box!  (great Halloween book)
Fav food: Peanut butter and Jelly sammies, Pizza

Anna:  Our little 4 year old (going on 14).  This hasn't been the easiest year with our sweet girl but still wonderful.  She is our constant talker (aka running commentary on life), constant clothes changer (minimum 4 times a day) and lover of all things princess.  She is in a Pre-K class even through she won't start Kindergarten until 2015 so she will repeat the curriculum.  She is eager to read and doing great with her handwriting!
Fav Book: Pinkalicious
Fav Food: Broccoli! Pizza

John:  Super busy, business booming like crazy, super weight loss, super runner!

This brings us to 2014.  House is on the market and are anxiously awaiting a contract.  For those that haven't heard, we are moving to sunny Florida and are just so ready to go!!  We truly LOVE Nashville and will probably miss it more than we realize but those sunny beaches are calling our name!

The kids will continue to grow and out-smart us, our businesses will continue to grow (God willing) and we will continue to love and cherish every moment.  This will be a year of change and transition!

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