Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Whoosshhh (the sound of time flying by)

So Anna is almost 3 months old and honestly we can't believe how fast the time has gone by. Everyone says to enjoy every minute...and they weren't kidding. Anna is able to hold her head up most of the time and really starting to interact. She coo's, says "ah-goo" and even giggles a little bit! She always has a huge smile when I lean in to love on her...which just melts my heart.

She is still getting up in the night to nurse...most of the time around 3am. We are really, really looking forward to that blessed morning when we wake and realize she slept through the night! Seems like all the other babies around me are sleeping through the night already, which had me a little down in the dumps yesterday. I am learning not to doesn't do anyone any good.

John's business is booming like crazy already and we have some great marketing plans in place to move it even more!

Anna and I are headed to Atlanta this weekend to hang out with the family and visit Lindsay and her new little one, Luke. I can't wait to meet that little guy! I will post pics from the weekend when we get back.

the blogger photo upload isn't working...will try again!

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