Friday, January 29, 2010

A new family...

Anna has become the great love of our lives. She has grown at an exponential rate; amazing and thrilling both of us each day with new movements, new expressions and a new fundamental understanding of the world around her. She's begun to play games; she's begun to recognize our facial expressions. Her capacity for growth is unlimited. Each day is a new opportunity to teach and be taught.

There are few things out there that approach the feeling of becoming a parent and realizing that instead of fear, you're beginning to find that most days bring joy in having a role to play in the growth of a child. We know we're lucky: We have a business that supports us and a roof over our heads. We have our educations and family all around. Frankly, we spend time now wondering why we don't have more wants. Which I think leads me to my point: We're learning that more than anything else we're blessed.

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