Monday, February 1, 2010

15 weeks...

So according to our home scales and measuring tape, Anna is 14lbs (about 88%) and 25 1/2 inches long (off the chart!). She has gotten so tall already. Looks like she will have my legs and Johns torso...runway, here she comes!

It is amazing the change with her over the past couple weeks. So much more awake time, goes down for a nap so easily and seems to continue to add a couple minutes each night before waking up for a pre-morning snack. She has the biggest smile and LOVES to kick and hold her hands together. She still isn't really interested in rolling over but she sits in her bumbo chair like a pro.

We have a small concern about the back of her head with her flat spot so our pediatrician will be examing her on the 22nd (her 4 month check up!). Hopefully it will get better now that she is sitting up more and having more tummy time (although she decidedly does NOT like tummy time).

Speaking of pediatrician: we just found out that Dr. Ewing is moving back to her hometown and is being replaced by another Dr. I was really, really upset as we LOVE Dr. Ewing, but she will be with us until June so we do have a couple more months with her. Hoping the new doc is just a great. We will definitely be staying with Green Hills Pediatrics.

Here is a picture of our house after our snow storm!

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