Tuesday, February 23, 2010

4 month checkup!

Yesterday was Anna's 4 month check-up and she is doing great! She weighed/measured in at:

15lbs, 15oz (90%)
26.25 inches (greater than 97%)
16.25 inch head (80%)

Anna is right on target for developmental milestones: reaching for toys, holding her hands together, laughing, holding up her head and pushing up on her belly. And as a bonus, she rolls over! :) We have the go ahead to start a little rice cereal once a day...pretty much helping her learn to eat because she actually won't "eat" anything for awhile (she will just spit it out...good photo op says the Dr.).

Dr. Ewing also gave some suggestions for bedtime and it seemed to work last night. We will see how it goes from here!

Anna also had her second physical therapy visit last Thursday and it went great. Her torticollis is almost completely healed...we worked VERY hard this week! Now we are working on the strength in her neck and keeping her off the flat spot. Dr. Ewing thinks we will wait until she is 6 months before we discuss helmeting. Because so much growth happens over the next 2 months...we are confident it will get better! We will go back every Thursday.

Photoshoot!! SO we had a photoshoot on Saturday with Brooke Kelly...and she is AMAZING! We got some "teaser" photos...and can't wait to see the rest!


  1. Just saw that you guys blog!!! I love it! It's the best way to keep distant friends and family up-to-date! Ours is

  2. Yes! We blog! I will follow yours too!