Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Anna is 7 months old!

Zoom...zoooommmm!!!!! Again, we say how fast the time flies!

Here are some fun things in Anna's life right now.

  • A tooth...well, a bud that will pop any day now!
  • Her love for Cooper and Abbie. She honestly can't get enough of them...and they still aren't sure about her but they do love to lick her feet!
  • Sitting up! She is a real pro now...even taking baths sitting up and playing and splashing and laughing...:)
  • Reach and lunging for items out of her grasp. This includes falling forward when she is in our arms or just throwing herself across the couch! Hopefully this means crawling is coming soon.
  • The orthotist said with her great progress in the helmet so far...she might only have to wear it until she is 10 months old! This is two months less than the original estimate...we are keeping our fingers crossed!
Overall, Anna is a wonderful and happy baby. She is a great sleeper...2-2 hour naps and then 12 hours at night and a great eater. We couldn't be happier!

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