Sunday, June 12, 2011

3 weeks of pure sweetness

I can't believe this little bundle of joy will be three weeks tomorrow.  I want to treasure every minute with this little one as we did with Anna.  I find that I already am deeply in love with him; every squeak, every yawn and every grasp of my fingers sends me into a whole new level of love and adoration.  Sometimes I feel that my love is greater when I look into his eyes than it is with Anna...and then I see her face and realize that I actually DO have this much love to go around.  And I adore each of them, completely differently and completely entirely with all that I am.  It actually brings me to tears.  I am blessed beyond recognition.

Even in the craziness of each day, with the sleepless nights and the VERY tired mornings, I still think what we have is great and amazing. 

So, you probably want to know all about sweet Graham!  He is very laid back and must be snuggled in blankets at all times (I wonder who he gets that from?!). He nurses like a champ and is almost 10lbs already and was 22 1/4 inches at our 2 week appointment (that's 1 inch in two weeks!). He is staying awake for longer periods of time, and we spend that time staring at each other, sharing bits of our day and talking about the future.  Well, I do most of the talking. He is starting to make other noises besides just crying and they are the sweetest squeaks and sighs you have ever heard.  He is still nursing every 2-3 hours but starting to get a 4 hour stretch at night every once and awhile. 

He loves napping on his tummy, supervised, of course. I am having a hard time putting him down when he sleeps because I just want to soak up all the newborn goodness that I can.  Who knows, this might be the last time we do this.  (ask John and he says it IS the last time we do this)

This month Anna will turn 20 months! The kids and I will be spending a week in Huntsville for Anna to go to a Music camp at the in-law's church, pool time with some high school friends of mine and the 4th of July at the River so we can finally meet sweet Barrett.  I have a feeling it will go by quickly but filled with laughter and joy!

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  1. So sweet. Soak it up, sister! Before you know it he will be bigger than Anna! Can't wait to see pics from your trips. xoxo!