Tuesday, October 4, 2011

They say

They say "9 months on..9 months off" when referring to that not so fun, but oh so necessary baby weight.  Well, 4 months in and  I have 6.8 lbs to go!  I can tell you that I gained 40lbs with Graham (I will not share that final number with it is scary, very scary).  Finding the time to exercise is exhausting in itself but my walks/runs are getting in there.  I may only have 7 ish pounds to go, but my wardrobe is still no where near jumping back on this bod.  How is that possible??  Oh that's right.  2 babies in 19 months leaves wider hips and a little belly that isn't budging.  But you know, these are my trophies to wear.  My "battle scars", my "mommy marks".  I will take them any day if I got these two kids out of it. 

Last time when I stopped breastfeeding Anna, I lost an additional 10lbs.  This is my goal again.  Get to my pre-pregnancy weight, then chop off an additional 10-15lbs. 

Just stop forgetting to eat and then stopping for a quick drive through meal.  I have to keep repeating this to myself....some days are better than others.

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