Monday, December 12, 2011

I don't want to forget

There are so many days I say to myself...Oh!  I don't want to forget this memory!  And well, I have proven on a daily basis that I am extraordinarily forgetful.  So here is my brain dump...

The way Anna says:

  • Sinkerbell (aka Tinkerbell)
  • Hold You (with her arms stretched up to me)
  • Bye-bye Cooper and Abbie!  (as we walk out the door to school)
  • More Prayers!  (in an attempt to have me stay longer before lights out at night)
  • Puh-lease!  (just a good ol' fashioned, drawn out, southern way of saying "Please")
  • Sally Go-Go.  (this means turn on Cat and the Hat.  ASAP)
  • When we are walking down the stairs, she says, "Bye-bye, Self!".  Meaning...keep on walkin' Mom, I got this. 
  • Silly lamby.  (oh Lamby.  You are the silliest lovey she knows.  How you are so funny as an inanimate object I will never know.  But you are, very, very silly.  This is followed by a barrage of kisses only reserved for Lamby) 
Graham got his second tooth and is starting to sit longer on his own.  SLOW down buddy.  Puh-lease!!

I know I am forgetting so many things so I must get much better about writing all these wonderful things down.  I seriously never want to forget.

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