Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our early Christmas.

This was the last year we could probably pull this off.  But it went off without a hitch.  Santa was able to visit our house 8 days early due to our holiday travel schedule.  We are so thankful for that big guy and his elves who we are sure spent at LEAST 2 hours putting together the kitchen for Anna.  But this face was totally worth it.

She ran right to the kitchen and squealed with delight and immediately made us breakfast.  How awesome is she?

Graham loved his wooden sea animal musical instruments.  He showed us by chewing on them with vigor.

John's parents came to visit us and brought beaucoup's of presents with them.  They did good.

Anna busy in her kitchen.

Anna also showed us that she had NO problems tearing into presents.  In fact, every day after this she woke up asking for "More presents?".

Graham LOVES his new walker and almost has the hang on it.  He can scoot around pretty good.

More coming about our trip to Atlanta!

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