Thursday, February 23, 2012

9 months already!?!

This has been a big month for little Graham!  Crawling, pulling up, sippy cups, finger foods just to name a few.  I said to John just the other day, "I just can't remember our life without him."  John paused and said with a smile on his..."you know, neither do I."

He is pretty special, this little guy.

My favorites of this month.

  • Reaching for hugs...oh man, this guy can throw himself out of your arms in a flash.  But mostly, to go to that Dad of his.
  • The smiles...oh the smiles are just too much.  But I want more...all the time.
  • Crawling!  SO STINKIN cute the way he crawls...getting faster every day!
  • Pulling up on practically everything.  This is a late in the month skill (basically over the past weekend).  After watching his friends Elena and Barrett...he had to just try it out.  And well, he was quite successful.  I love how sometimes he just goes to one knee...
  • The hugs...oh the hugs.  More please.  (this deserved two entries)
  • Loving his sister.  I mean, seriously...the entire world revolves around her!  She makes him laugh in the car, he crawls REALLY fast to get to her and when she greets him in the morning (which she does every morning)...he just about explodes with happiness.  These two are going to be a pair in just a few short years.
  • All about the books (and not just chewing them!).  Just like his sister...will sit and listen to multiple books.  Current favorite: All of Baby Nose to Toes and Goodnight Moon.
  • Hair.  Mohawks at every bath...and is there a tint of red there?!?
  • Every time I sit on the floor to play with him...he crawls right over, climbs in my lap, stands up, give me some hugs and just hangs with mom.  LOVE.

He always crosses his feet.  When playing with toys, sitting in the highchair or just hanging out...always crossed.

You want to squeeze him too, right?  Don't worry...if you come across us, he will give you a big ol' hug.

Official 9 month stats come next Monday!  Stay tuned.

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  1. OH my gosh, that leg crossing is adorable. Love that picture. And I need to get one of those hugs soon!!!