Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Official stats.

Graham had his 9 month well visit last Friday and here are the official stats:

22lbs 5 oz (80%)
30.25 inches long (>97%)

He has an ear infection (which I didn't even know he was sick!) but other than that the kid is great!  We are pretty much off all pureed foods much easier at meal time now!

As for me...I am .6 away from losing all baby weight!!!  That is a grand total of 40lbs.  I lost about 18lbs immediately but the rest have been a little work and slow to come off. I am making a big push to get out of a specific range of 10 into a smaller range of 10 (like the vagueness here?) by Friday.  Body pump and bike yesterday, calories.  :)

Then an additional 10 (or 15) after this goal.  Next goal is set for our anniversary of April 1 for our trip.  I like small goals of a pound or two.  Keeps me going and moving forward.

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