Sunday, March 25, 2012

10 months...and a life update.

You might can tell the state of our lives right now when I just realized my last post was about Graham turning 9 months old.  Whoops.  I promise to do better!

10 months.  2 more months until he is one year old.  ONE YEAR OLD?!?!  How is this possible??  Well, I understand logistically...but mentally, I just can't believe it.

Little man thinks he is big news bears lately.  He has three teeth (two bottom and one top) with the other top and two more on the bottom about to poke through.  He pulls up on everything, cruises between people/furniture/dogs/sister like a pro, walks behind his walker and waves and gives high-fives with the best of them!  Those teeth coming in have made him a little extra clingy but this momma doesn't care.

He is really big into books right now.  As soon as we sit in the rocker and grab "Mr. Brown can Moo can you?", he explodes into a fit of giggles and smiles with each sound and then turns the pages for us.  He likes to sit in the playroom and just flip pages of whatever book is nearby.  We love that our children devour books like others take down a piece of cake.

He wears 12 & 18 month clothes although they are a bit baggy around the waist.  He is SUPER tall but quite lean.  It's so different than our little chunk Anna at this age.  He is still the happiest baby on the planet and everyone we meet agrees.  I love when I pick him up from school or church and he just goes bizerk...arms flailing, mouth in a wide grin, legs kicking...pure happiness.  I adore it.

As for the rest of us, this has been a really crazy month.  John has some changes at his office which are for the better, although a little difficult to sort through.  We both feel like his career is about to jump 20 leaps forward, so it is VERY exciting.  Be on the look out for some new branding for him.  I have been doing some contract work for an old employer, which has been really, really great.  Seeing old friends and having some face to face time with adults has been really wonderful.  Most of my client interaction is through phone calls and emails!  But with working downtown most of the day, I have really had to step up my game.  Packing lunches the night before, laying out clothes are a must.  The house is a disaster, but well, we are all alive and fed.

I can officially say that all 40 baby pounds are gone...and now an additional couple more as well!  Since January 1 I have lost about 10 inches from my body in total.  Thank you running and Body Pump!

John and I are headed to NYC for our anniversary the first weekend in April.  Hopefully we can catch up, sleep and just relax in one of our favorite places.

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