Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wrapping up the year

Christmas has now come and gone and we will be heading home from family tomorrow.  It was really our first "real" kid Christmas.  Santa came and the kids were filled with smiles and laughter.  Holiday lights were viewed, too many sweets eaten and I have an actual food baby in my stomach.  Yikes.

We got to spend time with my family and John's so we got the best of both worlds.  I am excited about the upcoming year but I have to admit, as of this moment, it feels different than last year. (see my ridiculously giddy New Year's post HERE).  I am not anxiously waiting to get through the "newborn/crying" phase with Graham, worried about where my business will go, helping John move into a new building.  Instead, we will continue through 2013 right where 2012 left off.  Kids growing, businesses growing....some call it the "grind".  Don't get me wrong, every moment with these kids is really wonderful and magical.  Graham is talking like crazy with new words every day, Anna is just the sweetest little girl and my little companion.  I think what I am meaning is that we are comfortable.  In a good way.

Yes, we will look forward to vacations and little adventures.  Like Disney World, the Kentucky Derby, Keuka Lake with friends and maybe a little weekend away for John and I.

Aww...who am I kidding??!?!?  It's going to be an amazing year.  Every day we will feel thankful for the opportunity to kiss our babies, kiss each other and enjoy this "comfortable" stage.

Besides, it just means something big, unexpected and wonderful will happen.  Stay tuned, we might have a few things up our sleeves.

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