Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A new year

There is something truly magical about a new year.  It's the excitement of the unknown but the allure of expectations just waiting to be fullfilled.  I am giddy this time of year.  Every morning is the 'Ok, what will happen today?!' excitement that just can't be bottled.  I love it.  I crave it.

I don't normally go for resolutions as they are always generic and overstated.  LIke, lose 15 lbs (which I want to do) or be a better person (yea, who doesn't).  Instead, I am looking forward to bettering myself and my family through small changes that will last a lifetime.  Not just one year.

These things will include taking time for John and I to travel, encouraging an active lifestyle for our children (which is easier now that we are out of that crazy newborn stage), turning off that damn t.v., reading, teaching and showing the kids EVERYTHING they want to know, growing our business by treating people with more respect and care than they will give us...the list continues.

Today was Graham's first day at school and Anna and I had time to ourselves.  A trip to the gym, target and Subway for lunch had me bursting with love.  She is growing so fast, it was all I could do not to jump across that table and squeeze her and smother her with kisses.  I felt like one big ball of love.  I wanted to call every member of my family and friends and tell them why I love them so much.  In addition, I will write it so they will know forever.

To John.  Today is a big day.  An exciting and moving forward kind of day.  I am beyond proud.  Words can't express.  You have an amazing office, a partner who will grow this practice with you, a secretary to help get your work life in order and the excitement and power to make this thing grow beyond our wild imaginations.  Go.  You rock this. I love you so much.

To Kristen and Luke.  Happy Anniversary!  You both are showing the power of love.  Keep going.  Keep loving.  You will only get more in return.  Kristen, you are my complete hero.

To Mom and Dad.  Our lives are incomplete and lost without the both of you.  Guiding, showing and pointing the way for our families.  Always in awe.

To Matty:  Second to Dad and John, you are one of the bravest men I know.   It only gets better from here.

To Laura: I can't describe to you what you are about to experience by bringing that sweet girl into the world.  But I can tell you this, I have been dying to share it with you.  It is ground moving, earth shattering, heart growing, intense, amazing love.  You will wonder what life was like before she arrived, knowing you never want to live a day without her.

To Pam and Andy: I am beyond blessed with in-laws like you.  I can't tell you enough...thank you for everything.

To Sonia & Tommy: Your lives are about to move in an exciting direction...and although I get teary eyed thinking about you moving far away, in the same moment I am excited for your family.  You guys are our people, that will never change.

To my bible study girls:  You are changing me.  And I like where I am going.

These aren't the only people in my life who I think about and have immense love for, just the highlights.



  1. And to Beth... one of the most loving and selfless people that I know. Anyone who knows you is lucky, but those of us who get to call you a bestie are truly blessed. I hope this year you are fully appreciated for every ounce that you are worth, for every day that you pour into your children and family, and all the love that you shed is returned tenfold. Your energy amazes me and I will always be in awe of your spirit. Love you so much! Here's to an amazing 2012!

  2. What's your bible study routine? Once a week? What day, time? Any room for an additional woman! I'm needing one!

  3. Laura, you make me cry. You are so special to me. This year is truly going to be one for the record. I am ready to meet your little lady!!!

    Whitney: I commented to fb, but we meet every Wednesday at 10am until 12 at West End Community Church. We just finished up Beth Moore's David study and will be continuing this session with 1 Kings. We ALWAYS have room! These ladies are amazing!!