Wednesday, January 25, 2012

8 months old

How is this guy already 8 months old?!  This is such a wonderful age...I just want to freeze him here. I honestly can't remember life without him. He is truly the happiest baby I have ever been around.  It was a big month with his first Christmas, first New Year's and first time at Mother's Morning Out!  Graham was also baptized this past Sunday at our church and all our family came in town to celebrate!

First, I want to talk about his hugs.  I mean, seriously, he gives the BEST hugs.  When he reaches to be picked up and as you bring him in to get the good stuff, he lunges...arms open and snuggles right in your neck as he wraps both arms around you.  How awesome/amazing/wonderful is that?!

He still isn't crawling quite yet which has surprised us all because he started rocking on all fours before he turned 6 months old!  He gets on all fours, rocks back and forth, the goes up all his tippee toes and flings himself forward.  Or he tucks and tries to scoot.  He just hasn't figured out if he will just move those hands, he will be on his way!

Graham is obsessed with standing, jumping and holding on to things.  He is much happier that way!  He has just started to hold on to the side of a table or couch without falling but not sure how to get there or get back down without a face plant.  He LOVES his bouncer and his johnny jump up...he will bounce really high into the air...with the greatest of ease...

We moved him to a convertible car seat on the day he turned 8 months old...what a wonderful way to start his 9th month of life.  Leaned back in a comfy ride.

He still isn't quite making it to the morning without a early bottle.  Typically he goes from 7pm to 5am then back to sleep until 7:30am.  He is so close.  But that schedule makes this momma happy.  He is eating Cheerios and real peas & carrots in addition to his pureed meals I make him.  He isn't as a ferocious eater as Anna was, but he definitely enjoys meal time.

He loves to play with Anna and she will humor him every once in a while.  She likes to have a companion in her play kitchen and he will do if MOm and Dad are busy.

We are beyond blessed to have two of the happiest kids on the planet.  (I am not just saying that either...everyone tells us this!)  They adore their Dad, yearn for comfort from me, astound us every day with their love, learning and joy that emanates from every part of their souls.  We are lucky.

I am a blessed lady.

Here are a couple photos from this past month!

Christmas Eve with his cousin Barrett!

Weekend at Mimi & Poppa's celebrating Emily's 3rd B

One night before bed.  So sweet.

At his Baptism at West End Community Church

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