Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And baby makes 3

First, I realized I got ZERO pictures of me and the mama-to-be, but I digress.

I hoped on a jet plan last Friday for Tampa to celebrate one of my best friends, Laura (see her amazing blog here).  She is having a baby!  I was super lucky to see her the weekend before in Atlanta but we didn't have our appropriate catching up time...but we got some great time in this weekend.

Our immediate stop was a perfect pedicure (say that three times fast) to help relax us and catch up, laugh and gab as only two very good friends can.  Scott and Laura's friends came over Friday night and a VERY good time was had. Outside with a fire, wine and yummy food...umm, yes please.

Her friend Shannon and I hosted her shower the next day.  Thanks to Pinterest and our love for Laura, it seemed to go off without a hitch (that is, if you don't count the fire alarm episode).  We were all there to celebrate this little baby girl.  So much love for a little thing that we don't even know what she looks like or how amazing her baby smell is, we just know how much we love her momma.

And that was good enough for us.

Birth stat posters for both Laura and Scott

Mantle goodness

One of my favorites.  We shared war stories of babies and those that weren't there yet...well, you see the reaction.

Laura...that's for your baby...:)

Seriously, how sweet is that??

On the next picture below you can see an "awwww!" escaping from her lips.  There was a lot of "aww-ing" as sweet little outfits, tiny socks and teddy bears were passed around.

A couple of ladies from the shower before the afternoon ended.

It was a great weekend with very gracious hosts (Laura & Scott...and little bit). It had been way too long for me between visits.  Good thing I already have another excuse come late February or early March....not that I really needed one.

I love you Laura!!

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