Monday, April 19, 2010

6 months old!

Happy 6 months to Anna!! She is growing so fast! We have her 6 month appointment on the 28th so I will post her updated "stats" then. At her CT scan she weighed in at 17 I would guess just a bit heavier than that now. She is definitely on the move more..almost rolling from her back to belly! Once on her belly, she does this "super man" move and scoots backwards and forwards towards her toys. She definitely wants to crawl but can't get the arms and legs to do the same thing at the same time!

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all the posts on facebook and emails that have been sent our way. We feel extremely lucky to have such wonderful friends and family that are sending prayers and good thoughts to us. It makes this easier knowing we have some serious support.

PT went great last Thursday. Hard to believe we have been going for over 2 months now! She sat up unassisted for about 30 seconds and rolled to her belly with just a little kick of her leg!! Amy (our PT) and I were so excited! We are staying on an every other week schedule.

Anna was scanned for her helmet last Friday and she did great! She definitely let us know ALL about it. You can see in this quick snapshot her mouth was open because she was talking up a storm. The lady at the front said she could hear her all the way at her desk! HA! We will be fitted in her helmet this Friday. We have a 7 day schedule that I mentioned earlier which will hopefully make this transition easy (or well...somewhat easy). The hardest part is apparently learning to sleep with it on. We don't do naps in the helmet until day 3 and no nights until day 5. This week my goal is to keep her in hats and bonnets to help with the transition.

Stay posted for photos!

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  1. Hey Beth! I stumbled across your blog and just wanted to say that we are thinking and praying for you all. Anna is just beautiful! My friend from high school had triplets and 2 of her girls had to wear helmets...they were just as cute as ever and I know Anna will be too!