Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pink or White?

Anna and I met with B.J at the Dickerson Pike Hanger office this morning and I feel that he really knows his helmets. We go back on Friday for a scan and then more than likely fitted next Wednesday. Our timeline in the helmet will be about 6 months (instead of the 4 months we originally estimated...very sad). We start off with a schedule of one hour on, one hour off, no naps and nighttime...and gradually work into a 23 hour per day schedule. I am glad we will be able to help Anna's head get corrected but I am going to miss her little sweet head. Some mom's have said that their personalities can be affected...they can become more reserved and introverted. I am hoping that won't happen with Anna.

So now the question or white? Here is a picture of the band with a screen printed image (which we aren't doing). I am going to get some vinyl stickers to decorate it tastefully! Staying positive!


  1. My vote is for white! You can change out the vinyl decals and change it up. If you do pink, it kind of limits you on your decal and clothing options if you want to coordinate. With white, your canvas is clean for your imagination!

  2. that's what I am thinking too! She has on a really cute orange and yellow outfit today and I was thinking a pink helmet just wouldn't go! :)