Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 5

So, here we are on day 5 of our helmet transition schedule. I will say, she is doing GREAT! Once we get it on, she seems to forget about it. She is now napping in the helmet and we will add nights tomorrow. Now that she has it on, I am just excited to see results! A lot of other moms said they say improvement after the first full week of wear. We have an appointment this Friday and next for check-ins and adjustments if needed. I am hoping he will trim a little more above the brow and around the back so she can look up easier.

My sister said to me, "You know that God had a plan for her...she is still so absolutely beautiful even in a helmet!". She couldn't be more right.

Her 6 month appointment at the pediatrician's is tomorrow..and more shots. :( She is a trooper though!

(oh, and check out the serious baby skills in the picture above...toes IN mouth!)

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