Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Holy belly, batman

This photo was taken about a week and a half ago, so I was 30 weeks.  This friday I will be 32 weeks.  Seriously, 32 WEEKS!

I actually think I am ready now for this little guy to get here. Not because the nursery is ready (because it really isn't) or we have all the baby things we need but because I KNOW.  I know what the newborn stage is like, I am not scared or anxious, I am just ready to start the love.  And sleepless nights. And the little coos.  Bring it on.

Also, I must confess, I am a bit uncomfortable.  I have to sit in a quite un-ladylike position to allow the belly to fall to where it wants to go thus allowing me to breathe a little easier. I feel so grateful to be carrying a new life, something that we created, but darn it all, let's do this!

My OB said I will probably go early like with Anna (she was 8 days early) and that labor will actually go by quicker (about 10 hours with Anna).  So in a couple weeks, that bag will be packed, car seat installed and soon...very soon, we will be a family of four.


  1. Holy Belly & Hotness! Seriously, Beth. You look gorgeous! I was actually telling a girlfriend of mine last night about how great you looked throughout this pregnancy. She said "Girls suck the beauty out of you. But being pregnant with a boy - you look great!" lol. Work that love bump, sister!

  2. I'm so sad we won't be around to witness your water breaking like last time :) Seriously though you look amazing and boys are awesome! Best wishes in the coming weeks!

  3. Laura: HA! Thank you, you are awesome. :)

    Nicki: Seriously, it just won't be there same!! :) I love telling that story.