Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hug your babies

One of John's clients is fighting for their little girls' life right now.  She is only 5 years old.

They spoke to John about a week and a half ago having to cancel a meeting saying they were concerned about their daughter because all of a sudden she was having difficulty walking.  John strongly encouraged them to immediately take her to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital and even called a neurologist friend to meet them for evaluation.

The diagnosis couldn't have been worse.  She has a brain tumor.  So, they operated this past Monday and even worse news.  Stage 4 neuroblastoma.  They were able to remove a portion of the mass but still give a 3 month to 2 year survival rate.  Insult to injury, she has developed spinal meningitis so they will have to wait 10 days to start radiation and chemotherapy.

They have 4 other children, one who turned 3 yesterday and a new grandbaby who arrived yesterday as well but couldn't really celebrate either event.

I can't imagine what they are going through.  My southern instinct is to start cooking, send flowers and deliver all the Disney Princess items this little girl could ever hope for.  Has anyone helped anyone through this?  What can we do??

So over the past couple days, we hug Anna tighter, tell this little guy how much we love him even more and hope and pray that our family or anyone else we know never has to go through this.

When your baby looks at you like know you would go to the ends of the earth to fix anything.

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  1. I will definitely put this little girl and her family on my prayer list. Things like this make me realize my bad day isn't so bad at all. Hugs to their entire family.