Friday, March 11, 2011

My role.

Yesterday I celebrated my art class business, Art by the Glass, being open for one year.  I still can't even really wrap my head around this.  It seems like I just had the conversation with John and BOOM, the first class was scheduled and people ACTUALLY signed up!  It feels really good to know that my business, that I started, is actually succeeding.  Or at least, still up and running.

While celebrating this, I got to thinking about the roles that I play in my life.

Art Teacher
Business owner
Graphic Designer

I sometimes feel like I don't do any of these well enough to even have them be a role in my life and other days I find harmony with all of them.  It makes me wonder how these roles will change.

Come May, I get to focus on only one of these.  Mom.  And you know, I am really looking forward to that. I get to focus all my attention, love, sweat, tears, ambition, drive and more love to a sweet little boy and a growing little girl. How will my other roles fair during this time?  Hopefully they will sustain and if not, I will build them back when I am ready.

I am lucky.  I am lucky that I get to concentrate on just one thing for a couple months.

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